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Accounting is the process of defining, measuring and presenting economic information about an organization or any other enterprise in order to make informed decisions by the users of that information.

  • Determination of the main financial components of the organization, such as assets, liabilities, equity, income, expenses and cash flows
  • Measure the monetary value of the most important financial components so that information is adequately presented in the financial statements,
  • providing financial information in a manner that is most appropriate for users of that information.

The specifics of the profession make every good accountant be suspicious and meticulous. A specialist can only be interested in high-quality content: correct, understandable and relevant. USG LLC professionals will help you get it cheap and fast.

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Frequently asked questions

An entrepreneur often asks many questions about contacting consulting firms. Now let's try to answer the most popular ones.

Why do you think that the consulting services of your company will bring an effect or result, taking into account the specifics of the region, customers, product?

Our customers are located in Baku, therefore our specialists know the peculiarities of retail in different regions, and also have a relatively clear idea of ​​local trends and novelties. and of course about the problems.

It is not clear what consultants are paid for. What guarantees does a consultant or company have? What if the work is ineffective? After all, the company is risking its own money, and what about the consultants?

It is usually said that a consultant is risking his reputation, thereby, his future career. But when we work on a project, we try to break the project into short stages, at the end of which the customer receives a “material” result. Payment is also made in stages, which minimizes the client's risk as the project goes “wrong” and our risk is that the client will not be satisfied at the end of the project.

Who are your specialists and why should we trust them?

You are not working with specific people, but with a company. Our company has a sufficient number of our own specialists to carry out our tasks, and if the task is too global, most of the time we will not carry out this project. This means that you have an important resource at your disposal, made up entirely of professionals.

How is confidentiality guaranteed?

All your information that you transfer to us is confidential and is not transferred to third parties (including tax authorities). No "snipes" and "leaks" happened in all our experience. Any transfer of information is agreed with the management. Confidentiality requirements are also included in the terms of the service agreement.

How much does it cost to maintain accounting records?

The cost of our services is calculated on the basis of each company individually. It all depends on the volume of documents, forms of cooperation and other factors. Our prices are competitive and below the cost of a private accountant. You can discuss the prices at the meeting and decide if we are the right one for you.