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Before we move on to this area of ​​consulting, let's answer a fairly natural question: why practically all consulting offers Big Six fall into such, it seems, a specific category, as management? weighty reasons for this ...

  • Achieving the maximum efficiency of the existing system.
  • The creation of a new system is based on the existing through a chain of change.
  • Destruction of the old system due to dysfunction
  • We guarantee the accuracy of all annual financial statements.

The case is that, with the exception of the audit of the company's activities (audit, accounting, etc.) and the indication of its legal services, including tax, the remaining spectrum of consulting services, we will resolve the issue by default. strategic planning, corporate governance, personnel management, business processes and their reorganization.

Work Process

All data are sent in chronological order and presented in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

obligatory annual audit independent accounting (annual financial statements) of the organization or individual entrepreneur with the purpose of issuing an audit opinion on the authenticity of the reports with the provision of the auditor.

  • Our motto is fast and on time, we will follow the fact that you were all in order.
  • Besides, a group is formed with your organization, in which you can request changes.

We reduce your expenses, the more you increase your income

Our technologies have allowed us to use an excellent combination of human resources and technologies in the field of auditing - to guarantee exceptional quality, save your time and provide a deeper understanding.

Key goals of specialists in the field of consulting:

We have certain tasks that we must perform with the client. And all this is kept in full confidentiality.

  • improving the quality of management.
  • increase the efficiency of the enterprise; optimization of different business processes.
  • resolution of problematic issues in economic, financial, legal, production and other spheres of activity, reducing the profitability of the organization, as well as negatively affecting the business as a whole.


In case of non-fulfillment or non-compliance with the obligations under the Agreement, The parties shall not be liable in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Respublic.

The Executor shall not be liable for the consequences in the event of an inaccurately formulated request from the Customer , incomplete information or documents. The Executor shall not be liable for the reliability provided to him by the Customer of the information.

Our skills and abilities

Specialists of United Services Group LLC are able to work with many modern programs and with this schedule we would like to show our skills.

The main thing in our case is development. Our specialists are constantly improving their knowledge

Some workstations in the company are limited to standard applications, which are included in the standard set of operating system.

Software audit is an event that allows you to optimize the process of installation, configuration and removal of computer programs within the local computer network of the enterprise.

Microsoft Excel 100%
Microsoft Word 74%
Adobe Photoshop 55%

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